Art Claims - Round 3

Once again thank you for your patience while we sorted out our technical issues. We are now down to the last few prompts so if you weren’t successful in your claims or you want to claim an additional fic you can do so now. 

To make things easier I’ve listed all the available summaries below so please comment on this post with your selection(s)


Claims are now open to any artist regardless of whether you signed up or not. We still have some amazing fics up for grabs so come one come all. Claims are also now open to authors who want to do some art as well - just be sure to not claim your own fic. 

If you’ve already claimed a fic and want another then dive right in. Just make sure you can commit to the number of fics you’ve claimed before taking another.

Also, authors, don’t fret if you haven’t been claimed yet! It’s quite normal for a big bang to do 2 or 3 claim posts like this. Artists are rare and beautiful creatures, much like unicorns, and yours will come along soon enough.

Everyone will get art. That’s a DCBB guarantee! 

To keep things simple please comment on the original claims post with your choices


Art Claims 2014



Artist sign-ups are now closed! If you missed the opportunity to sign up we will be opening for pinch-hit artists in a few days


Today at 1 PM EST posts will go up listing all the prompts available to choose from. Comments will be disabled on these posts as they are just for the artists to review the prompts and make their selections. Each fic will have a code and a number (BB01, MB01 etc). Please make a note of which numbers you are interested in as this is the information we will be requesting. 

At 1 PM EST TOMORROW (Aug 18) a separate post will go up with comments enabled and artists will be invited to list their top three prompts in order of preference. Claims will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. At this point artists will only be permitted to claim one fic.

If you’re not sure what time this is for you this site should help. 

After 24 hours a second post will be made listing any unclaimed prompts. At this point artists will be invited to claim a second fic if they wish, and this will also be open to anyone who did not sign up as an artist but now wants to participate.


Thanks to everyone who submitted a draft for this year’s DCBB. They have now all been checked and you should have a confirmation email or a request for more info

PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL! Several of you submitted a draft without the header information or without a summary. We need this information for the art claims post so if we haven’t had a response from you by the time the summaries go up tomorrow you will not be included. 

We’ll be posting instructions on how the art claims process will work later today.


Today is the day. Your fic drafts are due. Please email them to Drafts will be accepted until midnight in your timezone and drafts received after that point will be rejected.

When you send in your email please include the following information in the body of the email

PLEASE NOTE: All drafts must be 100% complete and over the minimum word count of whichever challenge you signed up for. We will not accept incomplete drafts.

All drafts should be in a Word compatible format so we can check word counts. .doc .docx etc - NO PDFs PLEASE

<strong>Title: </strong>
<strong>Author: </strong>
<strong>Fandom/Genre: </strong>
<strong>Pairing (s): </strong>
<strong>Rating: </strong>
<strong>Word Count: </strong>
<strong>Warnings: </strong>

<strong>Summary: </strong>



Don’t focus on days until the deadline. You will just freeze up and worry yourself. 

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Words will come. Getting them on paper is the point. Editing afterwards. 

You can do this. 

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  • Question: Potentially silly question... What exactly do contributors need to do to "check-in" if we are participating in this year's DCBB? I don't want to be disqualified from participating simply because I don't understand proper procedure. :-) - writersrambling
  • Answer:

    This isn’t a silly question at all. A post has just been made over at the LJ comm with everything that you need to do.

    If you don’t have an LJ account and want to check in you can just shoot us an email letting us know how things are going


The author signups are now closed. I’m aware a few of you have outstanding questions regarding whether you signed up or not. I’ll do my best to respond to them all today but if there are any problems don’t worry. If you emailed prior to today you will be considered signed up even if there was a problem with your submissions.

Now all you need to do is start writing (if you haven’t already)

Good luck everyone! We’ve had a phenomenal response this year and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Artist sign-ups are open until Aug 16. If you want to sign up as an artist you can fill in the form here


1. We are not sending out confirmation emails for signups. There are simply too many people registering (We currently have 600 people) for it to be practical. If you’re worried your submission didn’t go through let us know what screename you registered under and we can check.

2. You must NOT post your summary/plot synopsis anywhere prior to submitting your draft. The art claims process is supposed to be anonymous so the artists don’t know who wrote what. If we see plot summaries posted anywhere we will consider removing you from the challenge.

3. This challenge does not assign prompts to authors. You are free to write about anything you like so long as it meets the minimum word count when it’s completed.

If you have any questions about any of these points or anything else please let us know.